New Generation Movement has ‘good stance’ for not running with KDP, PUK in Iraqi elections: former Gorran official

Running independent of ruling parties
Former Secretary of the Change Movement's (Gorran) National Assembly Adnan Osman (File)

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SULAIMANI — Former Secretary of the Change Movement's (Gorran) National Assembly Adnan Osman on Thursday (May 13) praised the New Generation Movement for not forming a coalition with either the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) or the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) ahead of Iraq’s October parliamentary election.

During an appearance on NRT’s Tawtwe interview program, Osman said that the Movement would be able to maintain its critical stance towards the authorities as a result.

He said that he believed it was better for electoral coalitions to be formed without the PUK or the KDP, suggesting that Gorran should have gone into coalition with New Generation instead of the PUK.

Two political spheres should have been created in the Kurdistan Region, he argued: the KDP and PUK sphere and the New Generation, Gorran, Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), and Kurdistan Justice Group (KJG) sphere.

On May 1, the PUK and Gorran announced that they would jointly contest Iraq’s October parliamentary election as the Kurdistan Coalition list, with the PUK Co-President Lahur Sheikh Jangi serving as head of the list.

Gorran formed in 2009 as a split from the PUK. In recent years, there have been several abortive attempts to increase bilateral cooperation, most notably the 2016 Dabashan Agreement. Both share a powerbase in Sulaimani governorate.

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