One Peshmerga killed, one wounded in ISIS attack near Kifri

Officials worry about security vacuum

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SULAIMANI — One Peshmerga was killed and another wounded when Islamic State (ISIS) militants attacked their unit near Naijul town in Kifri district on Tuesday night (May 11).

An NRT reporter said that the deceased Peshmerga was a member of 116th Brigade. 

The wounded Peshmerga was taken to Kalar Hospital for treatment.

On May 1, three Peshmerga were killed in an ISIS attack in Kirkuk.

Meanwhile, Head of the Kokiz Asayish Directorate Shamal Abdulrahman told NRT that a number of gunmen attacked Iraqi soldiers near Halwan Bridge in northern Jalawla district, leaving two severely wounded.

He said that the wounded were taken to Jalawla Hospital for treatment.

Recently officials in both Erbil and Baghdad have expressed concern about the security vacuum in the disputed areas, which allows ISIS to stage attacks against both civilian and military targets.

(NRT Digital Media)