Street cleaners in Chamchamal go on strike to protest salary delays, cuts

Have seen salaries repeatedly cut

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SULAIMANI — Workers employed by Shkar Company to clean streets in Chamchamal district went on strike on Tuesday (May 11) against salary cuts and delays imposed by the company.

One worker told NRT that they are paid only every other month and that their 300,000 Iraqi dinar ($203) monthly salaries were recently cut by 80,000 Iraqi dinars ($54), which is more than a quarter.

Another worker said that “the company ran out of gasoline for the trucks last month, so the company told us to go on strike for four days, but now is double-deducting our salaries for those days we went on strike.”

He said that when he was first hired, the monthly salary was 350,000 Iraqi dinars ($236), but it has been reduced to 220,000 Iraqi dinars ($148) since then.

“We need our salaries because we cannot buy Eid clothes for our children and we will continue the strike until we receive our salaries,” they said.

(NRT Digital Media)