KRG officials have not yet decided about curfew during Newroz: minister

New vaccine shipments expected
Newroz celebration bonfire in Sulaimani (File)

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SULAIMANI — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Health Saman Barzinji said on Monday (March 8) that so far officials in the Kurdistan Region have not decided about whether to impose curfew during Newroz.

Newroz, or the Kurdish New Year, represents a time of renewal and celebration for Kurds and other people across the Kurdistan Region and around the world. Typically held in late March, the festivals and parties mark the beginning of spring, as well as celebrating Kurdish history and the story of Newroz.

After receiving the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, Barzinji said during a press conference that several other measures will be taken during the holiday instead of imposing curfew, but did not elaborate what those might be.

He said that another shipment of 178,000 doses is expected to arrive in the Region.

After recording the first cases of coronavirus in the Kurdistan Region in last March, the KRG Ministry of Interior imposed curfew in the cities and town to prevent the outbreak and people stayed in their homes during the holiday.

According to the health ministry, there have been 110,512 officially-recorded cases of coronavirus infection in the Kurdistan Region. An official tally of 104,488 patients have recovered from COVID-19 and 3,537 have died from it.

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