Iraq records 3,599 new coronavirus cases: ministry

An Iraqi phlebotomist draws blood plasma from a recovered COVID-19 patient at the blood bank of Iraq's southern city of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar province, on June 24, 2020. Photo by ASAAD NIAZI/AFP via Getty Images.

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SULAIMANI — Iraq’s Ministry of Health said on Monday (March 1) it recorded 3,599 new coronavirus infections and twenty-two deaths in the country over the past 24 hours.

Of that total, 1,390 of the newest cases are in Baghdad governorate, along with 525 in Basra, 278 in Najaf, 230 in Diwaniya, 160 in Babil, 145 in Wasit, 144 in Dhi Qar, 131 in Karbala, 119 in Diyala, 85 in Erbil, 82 in Maysan, 66 in saladin, 58 in Muthanna, 56 in sulaimani, 56 in Duhok, 54 in Kirkuk, eleven in Anbar, and nine in Nineveh.

It did not say how many were from the new variants that are beginning to circulate in the population.

The ministry reported that twenty-two patients died from COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus infection, and 3,708 others recovered from it.

According to the health ministry, there have been 699,088 cases of coronavirus across Iraq since the disease first appeared in the country last year. At least 639,639 patients have recovered from COVID-19 and a total of 13,428 people have died from it in Iraq.

The numbers are almost certainly an undercount.

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