New Generation MP blames KRG officials, corruption for Kurdistan Region’s financial troubles

Says delegation failed to produce in Baghdad
Head of the New Generation Movement caucus in the Kurdistan Parliament Kazim Faruq speaks during an NRT’s Tawtwe program in Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region on December 28, 2020. (Photo Credit: NRT Digital Media/ Screenshot)

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SULAIMANI — Head of the New Generation Movement caucus in the Kurdistan Parliament Kazim Faruq asserted in an interview on Monday (December 28) that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) should be bringing in enough money from its independent oil sales to pay public sector salaries and blamed corruption for the Kurdistan Region’s financial problems.

Earlier in the day, a delegation sent by the KRG to Baghdad to negotiate the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget briefed the leadership of the Kurdistan Parliament, committee heads, and several party caucus chairs about the results of their two-week trip.

Faruq criticized the KRG and the delegation, saying that they had not delivered for the people of the Kurdistan Region and that the Region’s government could pay public sector salaries if it were not for corruption.

“The KRG pays salaries once every 60 days using internal incomes, while oil incomes go into the officials’ pockets,” Faruq said during an in interview with NRT’s Tawtwe program.

“The KRG delegation had no evidence that it has reached an agreement with Baghdad,” he continued.

“The Region’s delegation has not secured any salary [money] for public servants from Baghdad. How does Baghdad agree to send money that just goes into the pockets of two families?”

Faruq also criticized the KRG for relying on Baghdad for funding and for failing to pass a budget itself, which the Kurdistan Parliament has not done since 2013.

“The weakness of the Region’s officials is why they cannot persuade Baghdad to send public sectors salaries,” he said.

“The people who go to Baghdad do not know how much oil is sold, so with whom should Baghdad reach agreements?”

(NRT Digital Media)