Officer, two soldiers wounded in bomb blast in Diyala’s Miqdadiya


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SULAIMANI —Iraq’s Security Media Cell said on Friday (October 23) that an army officer and two servicemen were wounded in a bomb blast in Diyala’s Miqdadiya district.

An explosive device targeted the Iraqi army’s 74th Infantry Brigade as the force was doing their duties to receive intelligence information about the presence of a pile of ammunition in Tawakoul area in Miqadiya district, the security media office said in a statement.

Also on Friday, four ISIS militants were killed after an improvised explosive device targeted their vehicle in Saladin’s al-Muktaa area, it said.

A hideout belonging to ISIS militants was discovered in Nineveh’s Kanous Island containing a medium machine gun, a BKC, two RBG7 launchers, and 15 missiles, anti-armor launchers, 25 rifle magazines and 13 rocket launchers.

Iraq’s National Security Service said it had arrested ten ISIS militants who worked for Diwan al-Jund “Office of Soldiers” once the militant group was in control of the governorate.

Iraq declared victory over ISIS in December 2017, but the militant group routinely launches attacks, especially in the disputed areas in Saladin, Kirkuk, Nineveh, and Diyala governorates.

(NRT Digital Media)