KRG delegation will visit Baghdad on Tuesday, says KDP lawmaker


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SULAIMANI — A Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) lawmaker in the Council of Representatives said on Monday (July 6) that a delegation of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials will visit Baghdad on Tuesday to continue talks with the federal government in pursuit of a comprehensive budget agreement.

Handren Doski told his party’s official media that Erbil is serious about reaching an agreement with Baghdad and vice versa, arguing that “there are no huge obstacles to reaching an agreement.”

“There are still some technical details about resolving the issues. If they are resolved then an agreement will definitely be made. I am optimistic about achieving a good result,” he said.

Despite Doski’s confidence, an agreement has proved elusive so far and the price of not finding one costly for the KRG.

In late April, Baghdad cut off all budget transfers to Erbil, leaving it with a massive shortfall. Unable to pay its public sector workers on time or in full, the KRG has repeated delayed distribution of salaries and cut the pay of most workers by 21 percent or more.

“Iraq itself has some problems that are obstacles in front of the agreement between the Region and Baghdad, including the spread of coronavirus, the fall in oil prices, and the changes that [Iraqi Prime Minister] Mustafa al-Kadhimi wants to make,” the KDP lawmaker added.

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