Peshmerga has not returned to Kirkuk: Iraqi army spokesperson


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SULAIMANI — A spokesperson for the Iraqi Armed Forces Command said on Monday (July 6) that the Peshmerga have not returned to Kirkuk nor have there been any talks on the matter.

“The Peshmerga has not been deployed in the area,” said Major General Yahia Rasool, explaining that a meeting had taken place regarding measures to coordinate operations in Kirkuk, Diyala, and Nineveh governorates.

“Representatives of the ministries of defense and interior, the other military forces, and the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs participated in the [meeting] with the aim of exchanging information and tracking down the terrorist movements,” he said, referring to the Islamic State (ISIS) militants who continue to operate in the disputed areas.

“The meeting between us focused on filling the security gap between the borders of the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces, which is used by the terrorists to attack,” he added.

ISIS attacks in the area increased during the first part of 2020.

(NRT Digital Media)