KRG to pay public sector workers by July 15, says spokesperson

Already delayed, salaries cut

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SULAIMANI — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Spokesperson Jotiar Adil on Saturday (July 4) dismissed rumors that distribution of salaries would be delayed this month, insisting that public sector workers at all ministries will receive their pay before July 15.

Adil said in a statement that the KRG Ministry of Finance and Economy will use the official salary list and begin distributing salaries on Sunday, with the Ministry of Martyrs, the Security Council, and the Ministry of Education first in line.

In response to a major budget shortfall, the KRG held off on distributing salaries for much of this spring and then announced on June 21 that is was cutting the salaries of public servants who earn more than 300,000 Iraqi dinars by 21 percent for this pay period.

In addition to the salary cut, many public sector workers in the Kurdistan Region have not been paid since May.

(NRT Digital Media)