KRG health ministry seeks to have NRT TV shut down over coronavirus report


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Health requested on Tuesday (April 7) that the KRG Ministry of Interior close down NRT TV over a report broadcast two days earlier.

In a letter, the health ministry said that NRT broadcast a report on April 5 accusing the ministry of manipulating statistics related to the coronavirus outbreak in the Kurdistan Region.

“As the Ministry of Health, we think this report is misleading and untrue and is a way to urge people to break the [public health] regulations of the ministry and the curfew,” the letter read.

“We demand strict legal measures against NRT, including closing it down and for them to face the court, in order to prevent it from playing with facts and news during such critical times that may lead the people to break the regulations,” the ministry added.

The entire Kurdistan Region is currently under a curfew designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The channel has not yet released a response to the letter.

(NRT Digital Media)