All who attended funeral in Erbil's Karezan should get tested for coronavirus: directorate

Gathering led to 35% of all cases in governorate
A general view of Erbil Citadel in central Erbil city (File)

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SULAIMANI — Erbil’s health directorate on Sunday (April 5) urgently called all those who attended a funeral in the city’s Karezan neighborhood on March 21 to be tested for coronavirus.

“We ask the people who went to the funerals of Fatah Hamad Salih and Fatima Rahman Hussein in Karezan on Saturday March 21, 2020 to immediately visit a coronavirus treatment center or contact the medical teams to be tested for coronavirus,” the directorate said.

“Against all regulations, two families in Erbil held a funeral ceremony … that caused 32 people who attended the funeral to catch coronavirus, which now makes up 35% of all the cases in Erbil,” the directorate added.

The directorate added that the Supreme Committee for Coronavirus Response will sue the two families for their breach of the public health order, saying that it was their moral obligation to the people of Kurdistan Region to prosecute those who break the rules.

(NRT Digital Media)