Iraqi PM-designate to form new cabinet this week

All candidates will be independent
Prime minister-designate Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi (File)

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SULAIMANI — Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi said on Saturday (February 15) that his cabinet slate is close to being complete and that he will announce ministerial candidates this week.

“We are close to accomplishing a historic achievement, which is the completion of an independent ministerial cabinet that will be competent and impartial without the intervention of any political party,” Allawi said in a tweet.

Sairoon alliance lawmaker Salam al-Shamari said on Saturday that all the candidates for the new cabinet will be independent technocrats and will not include anyone who previously held a ministerial positions or is affiliated with the authorities and parties in Iraq, in accordance with the demands of the protesters.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leadership member Khasraw Goran countered those claims and said that, for Kurdish candidates, Allawi cannot avoid the parties in the Kurdistan Region and select someone with no ties to them.

“The Kurdistan Region is not an Iraqi governorate that Allawi can just pick a candidate from without referring to us,” Goran said.

In case no Kurdish candidates are chosen for a ministerial position, Goran said that “we have 60 MPs in the Council of Representatives, we shall respond in accordance with their actions.”

While the prime minister can nominate ministers, they must be approved by the legislature.

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