New Generation urges Parliament to take up bill about on-bond employees


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SULAIMANI — New Generation Movement lawmaker and member of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Legislative Committee Kawa Abdulqadir on Tuesday (January 21) requested that the legislature hold a session to discuss the issue of on-bond employees.

In response to the 2014 financial crisis in the Kurdistan Region, the government instituted a number of austerity measures in an effort to save money.

Among them was to create a status known as “on-bond,” which offered lower pay and fewer benefits but promised full contracts after a certain period of service. The KRG also created a class of non-contract positions, which do not offer the promise of future contracts.

On-bond employees have held several protests in Kurdistan Region demanding full contracts over the past year.

He urged the committee to send its report about draft legislation addressing the status of those currently bound by on-bond employment contracts.

“Delaying the bill is against the parliamentary regulations and by-laws. The legal committee should not do anything illegal,” he said.

There are an estimated 29,000 on-bond employees in Kurdistan Region.

(NRT Digital Media)