Sulaimani police say Amanj Babani and Lana Muhammad died in apparent murder-suicide

Took place on Wednesday night

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SULAIMANI — The Sulaimani Police Directorate on Thursday (October 17) released the initial findings of their investigation into the deaths of Kurdish journalists Amanj Babani and Lana Muhammad and their young son Hano.

During a press conference, Director of the Sulaimani Police Aso Sheikh Taha said that “there were no bullet holes on the outside of the car. No shootings occurred outside of the car.”

“[Babani] had one bullet wound, [Muhammad] had two, and their child had three,” Sheikh Taha added.

He described Babani’s wound as consistent with a shot fired from close range.

During the brief press conference, where he only answered a few questions from the gathered press, the director said that Muhammad had been driving, while Babani was in the passenger’s seat.

Photos of the car showed that it had sustained extensive exterior damage, which was apparently caused when it crashed.

Police showed several CCTV videos during the press conference that appeared to show the vehicle shortly before the incident. Sheikh Taha said that the video showed that the vehicle was not being followed.

He also mentioned that the couple had been having “family problems and that they were supposed to have their third session in court on October 20.”

Babani was the anchor of NRT's program Be Snur. Muhammad worked for Kurdsat. They had been married for several years.

Their deaths prompted an outpouring of grief from the journalist community.

Political and cultural leaders offered their condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

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