Kurdistan Parliament approves nominees for new KRG cabinet

Kurdistan Parliament convenes to approve nominees of new KRG cabinet, July 10, 2019.

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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Parliament on Wednesday (July 10) voted to approve the ministerial nominees to the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), after Prime Minister Masrour Barzani submitted their names on Monday.

A total of 106 lawmakers were present for the session, while five were absent.

The parliament voted to approve Masrour Barzani as Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government with 88 votes in favor and also approved Qubad Talabani as Deputy Prime Minister with 73 votes.

The ministerial candidates approved by the parliament are as follows:

Farsat Ahmed for Minister of Justice with 84 votes

Shorish Ismael for Minister of Peshmerga with 73 votes

Rebar Ahmed Khalid for Minister of Interior with 76 votes

Awat Janab Nuri Salih for Minister of Finance and Economy with 81 votes

Saman Hussein Mohammed for Minister of Health with 81 votes

Alan Hama Saeed Salih Mohammed for Minister of Education with 85 votes

Dana Abdulkareem Hama Salih for Minister for Housing and Reconstruction with 80 votes

Sasan Othman Auni for Minister of Municipalities and Tourism with 85 votes

Aram Mohammed Qadir Amin for Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research with 76 votes

Dara Rashid Mahmoud for Minister of Planning with 75 votes

Kwestan Mohammed Abdulla Maaruf for Minister of Labor and Social Affairs with 74 votes

Mohammed Saeed Ali for Minister of Culture and Youth with 75 votes

Abdulla Mahmoud Mohammed San Ahmed for Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs with 85 votes

Begard Dilshad Shukrilla for Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources with 83 votes

Kamal Muslim Saeed Qarani for Minister of Trade and Industry with 85 votes

Anno Jawhar Abdulmasih Abduka for Minister of Transport and Communications with 80 votes

Pishtiwan Sadiq Abdulla for Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs with 77 votes

Kamal Mohammed Salih Khalil for Minister of Electricity with 85 votes

Khalid Salam Saeed for Minister of Region with 68 votes

Aydin Maaruf Salim for Minister of Region with 78 votes  

Vala Farid Ibrahim for Minister of Region for Parliamentary Affairs with 83 votes

The New Generation Movement, Kurdistan Islamic Group and Kurdistan Islamic Union caucuses did not vote for the KRG’s ministerial candidates, including the Premier and Deputy Premier.

The prime minister, deputy prime minister, and the ministers took their oath following the vote.  

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