Turkish warplanes bomb foothills of Qandil Mountain, say authorities

Turkish warplanes bomb foothill of Qandil Mountain (File Photo)

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SULAIMANI — Turkish warplanes bombed four villages in the foothills of Qandil Mountain in the Kurdistan Region, local authorities said on Wednesday (March 20).

Co-chair of Qandil Municipality Mohammed Hassan told NRT Digital Media that the airstrikes had caused no casualties, but that the extent of the damage is still unclear.

Turkish warplanes also flew in the skies over Ranya district and Qaladize town several times, according to Hassan.

“There have been preparations for Newroz on Qandil Mountain and the celebration will start tomorrow,” Hassan added.

Turkish artillery shelled Derishke village in the Amedi district, northeast of Duhok, on Tuesday, but caused no casualties.

Turkey intermittently carries out strikes against suspected PKK positions in the Kurdistan Region.

The three-decade armed struggle by the PKK against the Turkish government flared up again in 2015 after the collapse of a two-year ceasefire and settlement process.

(NRT Digital Media)