Security forces confiscate journalist equipment of NRT team in Sulaimani


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SULAIMANI — Security forces confiscated the equipment of a team of NRT journalists in Sulaimani on Sunday (February 17), as they tried to cover commemorations of 17 Shubat.

An NRT reporter said the security forces told them that they were ordered to confiscate any equipment from journalists who were covering the commemorations.

It is unclear when the equipment might be returned.

Families and residents held events remembering the victims of 17 Shubat who were killed or wounded eight years ago in Sulaimani city.

Demonstrators gathered on Salim Street on February 17, 2011 and marched towards the Public Garden where the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office is located. As the protesters passed by the KDP office, there was a confrontation between the demonstrators and guards at the KDP office.

One person killed and a number of others were injured.

According to the guards, demonstrators began throwing stones at them, but the protestors countered that it was the guards who shot first.

People gathered in Sara Square the next day, denouncing the killing of the young protester by the KDP guards. People in the other parts of Sulaimani province also joined in the demonstrations.

In protests over the next three months, ten people were killed and more than 500 others were wounded by the security forces.

(NRT Digital Media)

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