Belarus’ honorary consul in Iraq calls on migrants, asylum seekers to repatriate

Migrants sit around a fire near a barbed wire fence in Grodno region, Belarus Nov. 8,2021.Leonid Scheglov/BelTA/Handout via REUTERS

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SULAIMANI — The honorary consul of Belarus in Baghdad claimed on Tuesday (November 16) that Minsk has not granted illegal visas to Iraqi nationals, including those who are now on the borders of the country.

During an appearance on NRT Tawtwe interview program, Majid al-Qaysi said that the Belarusian government cannot provide the necessary amount of food to the migrants and asylum seekers camped out on the border with Poland, only some medical supplies.

He also argued that migrants have not been deceived by the Belarusian government and called on Iraqi nationals to return to their country.

Thousands of migrants and asylum from Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are currently stranded on the Poland-Belarus border. At least ten people have died in recent months trying to cross the border from Belarus.

European authorities have accused President Alexander Lukashenko of exploiting them in order to hit back at critics of his crackdown on the Belarusian opposition.

Iraq has suspended al-Qaysi’s operations in the country.

(NRT Digital Media)