KDP-Sadrist understanding is for after election, not during campaign: KDP official


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SULAIMANI — Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) office in Baghdad Shwan Muhammed Taha said on Monday (July 19) that a political agreement between his party and the Sadrist movement is designed to be implemented after Iraq’s parliamentary elections in October, rather than during the campaign.

"The situation is not related to the withdrawal of Sadr, as much as it is to the political, security, and economic tensions in Iraq,” Taha told Voice of America (VOA).

He said that the KDP wants to protect the Kurdistan Region’s constitutional status by working with political groupings in Baghdad, including the Sadrists, adding that progress has been made towards achieving that goal.

With regard to questions about whether the KDP will seek the Iraqi presidency, Taha claimed that it had not been discussed and will be considered following the election.

That post has been traditionally held by a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), with Barham Salih surrently serving in that role.

(NRT Digital Media)