Ezidi woman and her three children rescued in Syria, reunited with family

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SULAIMANI — The director of the Office for Rescuing Ezidi Abductees, Hussein Kuru, said on Wednesday (January 16) that a Ezidi mother and her three children had been rescued in Syria from Islamic State (ISIS) captivity.

Hussein Guru told NRT Digital Media that they were residents of Dugrey village in Sinjar district. The mother, aged 25, had been held by the militant group along with her three children.

“They have been returned to their family at the Sharya camp in Duhok and have undergone a medical check,” Guru was quoted as saying.

The Office for Rescuing Ezidi Abductees said that 11 Ezidis have been rescued since the beginning of this year, bringing the total number of people rescued to 3,342.

At least 3,000 others remain missing or in ISIS captivity.

Islamic State militants attacked Sinjar and the Nineveh plain on August 3, 2014 and thousands Ezidis fell to the hands of the militant group.

(NRT Digital Media)