Authorities in Erbil prepare for heavy rains that have caused floods in the past

Heavy rains cause flood in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, in 2017.

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SULAIMANI — Authorities in Erbil governorate have made preparations to prevent flooding during heavy rains this winter.

Local officials in Erbil governorate met on Thursday (October 18) to discuss steps to reduce the damage caused by flooding in the province.

The meeting was organizing because the capital of the Kurdistan Region often experiences dangerous flooding during the winter season. In past years, flash floods have caused damage and citizens have died.

Erbil authorities said they had cleaned sewers in the province and that they had removed manhole covers in some places.

“We hold these meetings every year to prepare for heavy rains that may cause flooding,” said Tahir Abdullah, the deputy governor of Erbil.

In May 2017, several neighborhoods in Erbil were flooded after heavy rains and Soran district, northeast of the city, was also affected.

Last year, four people died as a result of flash flooding in the province of Duhok.

(NRT Digital Media)