Crowd at election rally supports New Generation Movement

Election set for September 30

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SULAIMANI – New Generation Movement leader, Shaswar Abdulwahid addressed supporters during a rally held on Thursday (September 27) two days ahead of the Kurdistan parliamentary election.

During the campaign event, Abdulwahid stressed the need for massive participation from voters on Sunday (September 30) and for a new chapter in the political process to be written.

Abdulwahid, a candidate for Prime Minister, said “God willing, we will arrange the future that people wish to arise.”

The rally at Sulaimani’s Spi hall also saw Abdulwahid urge people to turn out and “punish the ruling parties” by voting against them.

He accused the ruling parties of corruption and misusing the public revenue, saying “I know where they have taken the revenue, every single coin must be brought back.”

He also said the widespread corruption will have political fiefdoms and palaces in the Region turn into history and museums like the “Shah's home” for visitors.

Friday at 8:00 a.m. is the formal end of the election campaign.

The Kurdish elections and referendum commission said on Thursday that it had completed all its preparations for the Kurdistan parliamentary election, which will take place on Sunday.

Head of the Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission, Handren Mohammed, said that 3,085,461 people have the right to vote in the election.

There are 711,218 voters in Duhok province 1, 109,072 voters in Erbil, 1,196,980 in Sulaimani, and 68,191 in Halabja province, according to Mohammed.

The parliamentary election campaign kicked off earlier this month across the Kurdistan Region.

As many as 773 candidates are on the ballot, including 241 women, from 29 entities. Candidates are competing to win one of 111 seats.