CDJ to continue political, civil work after departure of Barham Salih


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SULAIMANI – The Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ) announced on Wednesday (September 19) that it will continue its work “as a political and civil project” after the party's leader resigned his position.

CDI issued a written statement saying that it had approved the resignations submitted by party leader Barham Salih, as well as several other party members.

“We hope that the political and personal status of Barham Salih will be dedicated to serving the interests of the people of Kurdistan in this delicate phase,” the statement read.

“We emphasize that the CDJ will continue to function as a political and civil project to serve the people.”

The Coalition said that there will be a “broad” meeting as soon as possible to decide on how the CDJ will operate in the future.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said it has approved the return of Barham Salih to the party and nominated him as their candidate for President of Iraq.

PUK spokesman Saadi Ahmed Pira told NRT that Salih would return to the post of deputy secretary-general of the party after a meeting in Sulaimani on Wednesday (September 19).

The meeting of the PUK leadership was chaired by first deputy secretary-general of the party Kosrat Rasul.

Salih broke with the PUK last year to form the Coalition for Democracy and Justice.