Kurdish police detain foreign team over expired medicines, infant formulas


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SULAIMANI — Kurdish police have detained a foreign medical team in Qaladize in the northern part of the Kurdistan Region’s province of Sulaimani for supplying expired medicines and infant formulas on Monday (September 17).

Directorate of Police in Raparin said in a statement that the team including 15 members, eight of which were women, were detained following an order by a judge in the district.

The team including eight people from Egypt, six from Sweden, and one from Finland, who were arrested at Qaladize Hospital.

“They came to the Kurdistan Region voluntarily under the name of a church [to perform] charity work two days ago,” Police said in the statement.

The team was arrested with expired medicines and infant formulas, according to police. The foreign team visited the Qaladize hospital with permission from the hospital’s director.

There was also a Kurdish citizen among the detainees who had assisted the team, police said.

Police noted the investigations showed 95 percent of the medicines and infant formulas were bought at medical stores in Erbil and Qaladize.

Police seized two expired cream medication tubes, a bottle of pills, and two infant formulas, the statement read.

Raparin General-Directorate of Health said earlier that the team had not been given permission by the directorate.

Police said they had launched an investigation into the incident.