Unemployed youth committing suicide in Iran’s Kermanshah: envoy


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SULAIMANI — Unemployed young people in the province of Kermanshah in western Iran are committing suicide, the province’s representative said on Monday (September 17).

The representative of Kermanshah province to the Iranian Supreme Council for Provinces, Payman Musawi, said a “big economic crisis” was occurring in the province, leading its youths to commit suicide because they have little hope of finding work, ILNA reported.  

Musawi added that incidents of of murder had also increased in Kermanshah, as had the “deliberate murder” of Kolbars (porters) by Iranian security forces.

“Officials know that the hope [of good] lives and futures for young people has fallen significantly and the lack of employment opportunities ... and serious drug dealing are two main reasons that have led to [incidents of] suicide every day,” he said during a meeting of the Supreme Council for Provinces.

Kermanshah has significant economic resources, but the province’s officials have not used them effectively, the province’s representative added.  

The Iranian rial has been sent crashing in recent weeks after the United States reimposed sanctions on the country in August.

US President Donald Trump entered into a standoff with Iranian authorities after pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and restoring sanctions.

A number of protests have broken out in Iran since the beginning of the year over high prices, water shortages, power cuts, and corruption in the Islamic Republic.