Suspected masked group attack, set ablaze message center in Baghdad’s Karrada

Beat workers and destroy equipment
A number of armed men holding swords in hats read “Rubb Allah” attack Shelan Message Center in central Baghdad, beat its workers and set the premise on fire in Karrada neighborhood, Baghdad, Iraq. (Photo Credit: Social Media)

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SULAIMANI — A group of masked men stormed a massage center in Baghdad’s Karrada neighborhood on Thursday evening (November 26), destroyed the equipment in the message center, beat its workers and set the premise on fire.

Footages circulated on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter displayed a group of sword holders in dark uniforms and hats bearing Rubb Allah" attacking Shelan Message Center in central Baghdad, beating workers, breaking properties and set the premise on fire.

The militia group said in a statement “the persistence of the owners of cabarets and alcoholic beverages to exploit the young man in achieving their sinister goals that were drawn for them by America and Israel.”

But another Facebook account in the name of “Special Aggregates of the Movement Rubb Allah” denied responsibility for the attack.

The group claimed responsibility for attacking a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) headquarters in Baghdad in reactions to remarks previously made by KDP Politburo member Hoshyar Zebari on TV channel Al-Hurra on October 2 calling for the Green Zone to be cleared of the PMF and criticizing it for alleged responsibility for rocket attacks on diplomatic facilities.

The militia group previously claimed responsibility for storming and torching headquarters of a number of satellite channels and political parties, and they also adopted targeting liquor stores.

In September, the group stormed Amman-based Dijla satellite TV, destroyed the channel’s equipment and set fire to the building in protest to the TV channel's broadcasting of music during the Shia ceremony Ashura to commemorate the anniversary of the death of the Prophet Muhammad’s nephew Imam Hussein

 (NRT Digital Media)