KDP, PUK prepare demands paper in first meeting ahead of visit to Baghdad

They choose negotiating delegation

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SULAIMANI – The two ruling Kurdish political parties in the Kurdistan Region began on Thursday (July 12) their first meeting in Erbil to formulate their demands paper and choose the members and head of their negotiating delegation before coming to the federal capital Baghdad.

The meeting came in the post-election period and after the pair, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), won majority of the seats in the region for Iraq’s parliamentary election.

The PUK politburo spokesman Sadi Ahmed Pira was cited by Al-Madar Newspaper as saying “The politburos of the PUK and KDP will meet in Erbil on Thursday to choose the Kurdish delegation that will hold talks in Baghdad with the other winning parties."

PUK and KDP said they need three days before their official visit to Baghdad to meet with the other winning Kurdish political parties and discuss their proposals, according to Al-Madar Newspaper.

Another PUK source whose name was not disclosed by the newspaper said "the most important points that will be included in the demands paper is to set time limits for the formation of a United Federal Council and focus on the principle of consensus and the sharing of power fairly.”

Forming a “strategic alliance” between PUK and KDP was the outcome of their meetings held in the past few days which aimed at establishing largest parliament bloc with the other winning Kurdish political parties.

KDP took a lead by winning majority of the votes in the Kurdistan Region during Iraq’s May 12 election, followed by the PUK.

Kurdish political parties, minus KDP and PUK, have rejected election results demanding a nationwide manual recount in the Kurdistan Region and disputed areas.