22 women killed due to violence in Kurdistan Region: statistics

In first five months of 2018

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SULAIMANI — Twenty two women have been killed as a result of domestic violence across the Kurdistan Region in the first five months of 2018, according to statistics.

Women in Duhok are the most affected comparing to the other governorates with eight fatalities, according to statistics of the General Directorate for Combating Violence against Women.

Seven were killed in the capital of Erbil and three others were killed in Sulaimani, according to the women's rights advocate. Two women were killed in Garmyan and Raparin and two more in Soran.

The directorate’s officials said the high rate of violence against women is due to the economic crisis in the region.

The directorate for combating violence against women said 1,958 other cases of violence against women were recorded at its offices across the region.

Up to 41 women immolated themselves and 26 others committed suicide in the first three months of 2018, the statistics shows. The number has decreased in comparison to last year.

“Unfortunately, the cases increase day by day in the Kurdistan Region,” a member of the Committee of Protecting Women's Rights in the Kurdistan Parliament, Maryam Samad, told NRT on Wednesday (July 11).

“The courts haven’t sufficiently prosecuted suspects of killing women. There are dozens of cases which the suspect hasn’t even been arrested,” she added.  

There were a total of 9,331 cases of violence against women in 2017, according to statistics. Courts have made decisions on 216 cases while 5,068 others were closed. 2,083 other cases are still under investigation.

Violence against women across the region has increased in comparison to the first five months of 2017, when only 19 cases of murdering women were recorded.