Manual recount of votes for Iraqi parliamentary election begins in Erbil

215 ballot boxes to be recounted

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SULAIMANI — The process of manual recount of votes for the Iraqi parliamentary election has begun in Erbil under supervision of judges appointed by the Iraqi higher judicial council. 

NRT reporter Omed Chomani said representatives and observers from the United Nations and the political parties were also attending the process started on Thursday (July 12).

Ballot boxes were transferred from Erbil silo to Shadi hall, where the manual recount of votes is taken place, on Tuesday.

The Iraqi electoral commission recounts 215 ballot boxes manually in Erbil. The boxes are those that the political parties filed complaints against due to electoral fraud. 

Iraqi electoral commission has begun the process of manual recount of votes cast from Kirkuk, where 426 ballot boxes were recounted manually.

A manual recount of votes started in the city of Sulaimani on Monday and it took two days.

The Iraqi parliament approved a third amendment to the election law on June 6, ordering a nationwide manual recount of votes for the parliamentary election because of widespread reports of fraud.

Iraq’s electoral commission introduced electronic voting and vote counting to eliminate electoral fraud for the parliamentary election on May 12. Several parties, however, complained about the new system.