Four arrested on narcotics charges in Raparin Administration

Security forces arrest four suspects and four kilos of narcotics at Banuqal checkpoint in Qaladze district in Raparin Administration, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region on September 28, 2020. (Photo Credit: Raparin Asayish Directorate)

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SULAIMANI — Raparin Asayish Directorate said on Monday (September 28) that the security forces have charged four people with narcotics offensives after seizing four kilograms of crystal methamphetamine.

The first suspect was arrested at the Banuaqal checkpoint in Qaladze district on orders from a judge. When the security forces searched their car, they discovered the drugs hidden beneath the spare tire.

“The culprit confessed that he had intended to transfer the drugs to Zakho district. Later, three other people were arrested in the same case and confessed to their deeds,” the statement said.

The suspects were detained in accordance with Article 14 of the federal Narcotics Law. Their case will be handled by Pishdar Investigative Court, the statement added.

On September 23, the Soran Asayish Directorate said that the security forces seized ten kilograms of narcotics in Erbil governorate’s Bradost area.

The Kurdistan Region largely acts as a transit route for narcotics coming from Iran and central Asia to Europe, with limited but growing domestic consumption, according to officials and activists.

(NRT Digital Media)