Turkey sets up military bases near Zakho, its warplanes bomb Amedi


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SULAIMANI — Batifa sub-district manager Dlsher Abdulstar said on Monday (September 28) that Turkish ground forces have set up two military bases in the jurisdiction, which is located to the east of Zakho in Duhok governorate.

Abdulstar told NRT Digital Media that Turkish forces established the bases over the past two days, telling local officials that they are necessary for conducting search and destroy operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK),

One is located in Kashan village and the other is in Gryye village.

He added that Turkish military activity has increased in the area, with at least fifteen villages targeted by warplanes and artillery.

Residents in Kashan, Bank, and Avlai villages have abandoned their homes for fear that they will be hurt or killed in future attacks.

The airstrikes have also caused significant damage to the area’s tourism industry, agricultural infrastructure, and the personal property of residents.

Meanwhile, a source in Amedi district who spoke on condition of anonymity told NRT Digital Media that Turkish warplanes bombed the district’s Barwari Balla area at approximately 11 a.m., igniting a forest fire in the area and causing damage to a nearby house’s water system.

Since June 15, Turkey has been conducting intense military operations in the Kurdistan Region and northern Iraq, though it routinely conducted cross-border operations before then. Ankara says that the operations are necessary to protect itself from attacks by PKK fighters.

At least nine civilians have been killed and several others wounded since the renewed operations began three months ago.

(NRT Digital Media)