Five killed, six injured in separate traffic accidents in Sulaimani, Kalar

A traffic accident on Tasluja Road in Sulaimani governorate on September 24, 2020 (Photo Credit: Sulaimani Traffic Directorate)

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SULAIMANI — Officials in Sulaimani and the Garmian administration said on Thursday (September 24) that five people were killed and six others were injured in separate traffic accidents in Sulaimani and Kalar.

Garmian Police Directorate said that the first accident took place on the Kalar-Rizgari sub-district main road, killing one driver and injuring two passengers.

Sulaimani Traffic Directorate said that the second accident occurred on the Tasluja road. A car was travelling at high speed when the driver lost control and crashed into a power pylon. Four people died and four others were injured.

(NRT Digital Media)