Activist Badal Barwari remains in custody, journalist Omed Baroshki released on bail

Charges related to encouraging protests
Activist Badal Barwari (File)

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SULAIMANI — A court in Duhok decided on Sunday (September 13) to extend the imprisonment of activist Badal Barwari, who is charged with encouraging demonstrations in the governorate.

Barwari’s lawyer Riving Yaseen told NRT Digital Media that Barwari had gone on trial related to two cases against him and was fined 2 million Iraqi dinars ($1,675) as a part of one of the cases.

On August 18, the security forces in Duhok raided Barwari’s home and arrested one of his sons. Later they arrested Barwrai, who will now remain in custody.

Barwari was a primary organizer of a demonstration in Duhok city on May 16, which was violently broken up by the local security forces, which are affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), arresting approximately 100 people who had gathered to protest the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) failure to pay their salaries on time.

Yassed added that the complaints filed against his client were related to the Communications Device Misuse Law and for encouraging protests.

Meanwhile, journalist Omed Baroshki, who was arrested on the same night as Barwari, was released on 3 million Iraqi dinars ($2,515) bail after after 26 days in custody.

Baroshki told NRT Digital Media that he was charged under Communications Device Misuse Law, adding that his lawyer had asked for his release on bail on five separate occasions, but officials had rejected them until now.

He said that the security forces did not have an official arrest warrant when they detained him and that he was only told of the charges against him after five days in custody.

During his 26-day confinement, he was not allowed to contact his family or receive visits.

(NRT Digital Media)