Protest in Kalar bazaar by public servants after KRG cuts August pay by 21 percent

A number of teachers and public servants protest delays in salary disbursement and cuts in front of Kalar’s mayor office on August 18. (Photo Credit: NRT Digital Media/ Screengrap)

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SULAIMANI — Public sector employees protested in front of the mayor’s office in Kalar on Tuesday morning (August 18) against the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) decision the previous day to cut their salaries again this month, after not paying them for much of the spring and summer.

NRT reporter in Kalar Garmian Hamapur said that teachers were heavily represented at the protest, along with staff at other ministries.

After gathering at the mayor’s office, the demonstrators marched into the city’s main bazaar.

The protesters were angry that the KRG has applied a twenty-one percent cut to the salaries of all public sector workers making more than 300,000 Iraqi dinars ($251) per month, just as it did in July.

Several protesters told NRT that they were eager to expand and escalate the protests to put greater pressure on the government in response to deteriorating economic conditions in the Kurdistan Region. Some said that they may try to close the Parwezkhan border crossing with Iran in order to do so.

(NRT Digital Media)