Integrity Commission looking into allegations against Minister Fuad Hussein, says MP

Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein (File)

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SULAIMANI — A member of the Council of Representatives’ Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Government’s Program and Strategic Planning said on Monday (August 10) that the Integrity Commission has issued a summons for current Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein, based on a complaint lodged by a total of 30 MPs.

One of the petitioners, Sairoon Alliance lawmaker Inaam al-Khuzai, said in a statement that the summons was related to accusations of “wasting public money” while he was finance minister under Adil Abdul Mahdi’s government.

Her statement added that Hussein was specifically charged with violating Article 340 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which concerns damage to the public trust and carries a punishment of seven years imprisonment if convicted.

The summons has not yet been officially confirmed by the Integrity Commission.

Separately, a source who spoke on condition of anonymity told NRT Digital Media that the federal Judiciary had ordered the summons for Hussein on charges of exploiting his position and wasting more than 6 trillion Iraqi dinars ($5.04 billion).

Hussein is a senior member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and was its nominee for Iraqi president in 2018, but was beat out by Barham Salih of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

He then became finance minister, which is the position he is accused of abusing while in office.

(NRT Digital Media)