PJAK says seven fighters, two affiliates killed in recent Turkish airstrike: statement


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) said on Monday (August 10) that seven of its fighters were killed in a Turkish airstrike in Sulaimani governorate’s Mawat district last week.

“On [August] 7, a Turkish warplane bombed near Balosa Mountain…and targeted our members who were on duty during that airstrike,” it said.

In addition to the seven fighters, the group said that “two patriotic youths” were killed in the strike.

PJAK is an Iranian Kurdish opposition group, which is affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Turkey has targeted PJAK fighters in Sulaimani governorate several times in recent months, killing at least three others, including two in Mawat on May 27 and one in Kuna Masi on June 25.

Additionally, the group said that it had been targeted in another airstrike on August 4, but claimed that its fighters had escaped unharmed.

Turkey is currently conducting intense military operations in the Kurdistan Region and northern Iraq, which it says in necessary to combat the PKK and its affiliated groups, like PJAK.

At least six civilians have been killed since it launched the latest round of operations on June 15.

(NRT Digital Media)