Two political prisoners executed in Iran: Hengaw


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SULAIMANI — Hengaw Organization for Human Rights said on Monday (July 13) that two Kurdish political prisoners, Sabir Sheikh Abdulla and Diako Rasulzada, were executed in Urmia Prison.

According to Hengaw, which closely monitors human rights violations in Iranian Kurdistan, the pair were arrested on March 2014 and sentenced to death on charges of being members of a proscribed political party and for allegedly taking part in a 2010 bombing in Mahabad, which killed twelve people and wounded dozens of others during a military parade.

The group said that the two men were arrested and charged three years after the incident, despite the fact that Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’s Ground Force commander Muhammed Pakpur said four days after it occurred that the authorities had arrested those responsible for the blast .

In a May 12 report, Amnesty International said that Iran has increased its use of the death penalty in 2020, executing at least 92 people between January and April.

A disproportionate number of those were Kurds, with Hengaw and the Kurdistan Human Rights Network estimating that between 15 and 25 Kurds were executed during that period.

(NRT Digital Media)