Eight ISIS militants killed, eight hideouts destroyed in Diyala governorate


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SULAIMANI — The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) said on Sunday (July 12) that eight Islamic State (ISIS) militants were killed and eight hideouts destroyed during the fourth phase of Operation Heroes of Iraq” in Diyala governorate.

Spokesperson for PMF's South Direction Forces Jawdat Aasaf said that it is the first time that the Iraqi security forces have reached areas that only the US forces could reach in the past.

He added that during the operation their forces also seized weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and military equipment.

On Saturday, the fourth phase of “Operation of Heroes of Iraq” began, which focused on combating ISIS militants in Diyala governorate, and was ordered by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

The first phase of the operation took place in Anbar governorate on February 12 and 13 with later phases in the areas north of Baghdad.

ISIS militants have stepped up their attacks since the beginning of the year, in particular in Diyala, Saladin, Kirkuk, and Anbar governorates.

(NRT Digital Media)