Residents protest in Bazian’s Bardaqaman against poor electricity services

One of the protesters in Bazian's Bardaqaraman community speaking to NRT channel reporter on Saturady July 11, 2020 (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Residents in Bardaqaraman community in Bazian sub-district protested on Saturday (July 11) against poor public services and lack of electricity provision, citing the difference between the services provided to industrial operations in the area and residents.

“There are several factories around the sub-district [Bazian] that have electricity 24-hours a day, but the residents of the community only get national electricity for ten hours,” one of the protesters told NRT at the demonstration in front of Bardaqaraman power station, located west of Sulaimani city.

“The two electricity generators provided for us are very weak and have no benefits for the residents,” he added.

“We came here so that they can solve our problem at once, but officials always say that it is not within their power,” another protester said.

“The power station’s official told us to wait for 24-hour electricity and, if it is not solved, then to ask for the problem to be solved in some other way,” a third protester said.

Blackouts are common in the Kurdistan Region, where demand for electricity far outstrips supply, particularly in the hot summer and cold winters.

The government has long promised to provide more hours of electricity per day, but has consistently fallen short of most of the goals it has set, despite some improvements to production capacity at local power stations.

Many people rely on expensive private generators to fill the gaps when national power is not available.

(NRT Digital Media)