Sulaimani extends closure of government offices until July 10 due to coronavirus outbreak

Restaurants, gyms will reopen
General view of Sulaimani and Goizha Mountain (NRT Digital Media/Winthrop Rodgers)

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SULAIMANI — Officials in Sulaimani announced on Friday (July 3) that the suspension of operations at most government offices will be extended until July 10.

The order excludes the security forces, health sector, and offices that offer services, such as the electricity and water directorates. Those departments will operate normally.

The current travel ban between the governorates and administrations of the Kurdistan Region will remain in place for the time being.

Officials also decided to continue the closure of all mosques, churches and the religious sites in the governorate, along with swimming pools, live music venues, night clubs, party halls, and dental clinics.

Funerals, visits to graveyards, and any large gatherings or celebrations are also prohibited.

Restaurants, cafeterias, tea houses, ice cream shops, and gyms will be reopened, but should operate in accordance with the public health guidelines.

Public transportation on buses and mini buses should work in accordance to the public health guidelines and, if any driver violates the guidelines, their vehicles will be impounded for a week.

Vehicle traffic continues to be prohibited in Sulaimani’s main bazaar.

Any places of business, malls, and institutions that remain open and do not implement public health guidelines will be closed for a week.

(NRT Digital Media)