Healthcare workers infected with COVID-19, neighborhood quarantined in Penjwen


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SULAIMANI — Penjwen’s mayor said on Sunday (May 31) that 54 people in the district have tested positive for coronavirus infection over the last 24 hours and that officials have quarantined the neighborhood of Kani Mina.

Penjwen mayor Zana Rahman told NRT Digital Media that a number of healthcare workers at Penjwen Martyrs General Hospital, who worked as a team to prevent the spread of coronavirus through the Bashmax crossing border, have been infected.

He also said that interactions between people in the bazaar and at mosques likely contributed to the outbreak.

KRG health minister Saman Barzinji said in a post on Facebook that health officials will be using local hotels as care facilities on an emergency basis because of the sudden rise in the number of new patients.

According to the health ministry, there have been 710 cases of coronavirus in the Kurdistan Region. Four hundred and twenty patients have recovered from COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus infection, and seven have died from it.

(NRT Digital Media)