KRG Ministry of Higher Education ends academic year


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the end of the 2019-2020 academic year on Tuesday night (May 26) because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Students who passed their first semester exams are considered to have passed the year, while students who failed them will have an opportunity to take their second semester exams at a future date, according to a source in the ministry.

Universities and other institutions of higher education closed down on February 29 as a measure to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff. Some universities have been using online instruction in the interim.

The decision follows a similar one by the Ministry of Education to end the academic year at primary and secondary schools.

The ministry had hoped to resume classes, but a recent uptick in the number of cases likely contributed to the decision to end the year now.

(NRT Digital Media)