Erbil civil defense to spray for coronavirus in Karezan neighborhood

Erbil civil defense teams spraying for coronavirus in Karezan neighborhood (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Erbil Civil Defense Directorate said on Wednesday (April 8) that teams are spraying Karezan and some of the city’s surrounding neighborhoods with sanitizing liquid to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

The neighborhood is the site of the governorate’s most significant outbreak. More than 80 people became infected following a funeral in late March, which was held in defiance of a government ban on such gatherings.

The teams will wear protective clothing, masks, and gloves while spraying.

“We call on the neighborhood’s residents to stay in their homes so that the liquid does not have any negative impact on their health,” said the directorate said.

“We will try to spray the liquid in five neighborhoods. People should follow the guidelines so we can end the curfew,” it added

(NRT Digital Media)