Advertising firm Suli Media to distribute supplies to 1,000 families in need

Image courtesy of Suli Media

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SULAIMANI — Advertising company Suli Media said on Wednesday (April 1) that it has launched a campaign to distribute food supplies to 1,000 families in need in Chamchamal, Shorish, and Takia.

The company said that it was responding to the worsening economic situation in the Kurdistan Region due to the coronavirus outbreak and the fall in the price of oil.

A group of volunteers will distribute the supplies, giving priority to those living in poverty and those who have not yet benefitted from relief schemes.

“This step is something that we should all feel responsible for doing for the people. Moving past this situation will only happen through collaboration and awareness,” the company said in a statement.

“We hope the situation goes back to normal soon, but, if it stays the same, we will help and support the other parts of the Kurdistan Region also,” Suli Media General Director Himdad Hamid said.

“Supporting and helping the community is a part of our vision and strategy,” he continued, noting that the company has contributed to a number of public health, art, and social activism campaigns in the past.

Founded in 2012, Suli Media is a well-known advertising company that operates in all parts of Iraq.

(NRT Digital Media)