Ministry of Interior says will prosecute those who encourage protests during curfew


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Interior warned in a statement on Sunday night (March 29) that it will prosecute anyone who violates public health regulations by encouraging people to protest in the streets while the Region is under a curfew designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, over the past days, some irresponsible people clearly called for violating law and the medical regulations by encouraging protests and rallies for their own personal purpose. This is an attempt for spreading coronavirus and a crime against Kurdistan Region people,” it said.

“We reassure the people of the Kurdistan Region that the KRG will make every effort to protect them and to get through this situation and will not allow any disturbers or violators to disturb the Kurdistan Region’s situation,” it added.

The Region is under a lockdown that is currently scheduled to end on April 1 to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with people required to stay at home except to shop for food and supplies at stores in their neighborhoods.

.So far, 128 people have tested positive for the virus and two people have died.

(NRT Digital Media)