Customs Directorate says give priority to food, medicine at borders

Haj Omran border crossing between the Kurdistan Region and Iran, October 3, 2017. Reuters

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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Region’s Customs Directorate on Monday (March 29) asked authorities at the border crossings to give priority to trucks and containers entering the Region with food and medical equipment.

The Kurdistan Region is currently fighting an outbreak of coronavirus. So far, there have been 128 infections and two deaths.

The directorate’s request was directed to officials at the Bashmax, Parwezxan, and Haji Omaran crossings with Iran and the Ibrahim Khalil crossing with Turkey.

Since the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) imposed travel restrictions on international border crossings and a curfew on the Region’s governorates to prevent the spread of coronavirus, there has been an increase in the price of some items of medical equipment and food due to delays at the borders.

Officials have issued statements reassuring residents, however, that trade across the borders continues and that there is plenty of fuel, food, and supplies in the Region.

(NRT Digital Media)