30-bed hospital to be built in Sulaimani in case of coronavirus infections

Director of the Peshmerga Health Agency Shamal Jabar Yawar (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Director of the Peshmerga Health Agency Shamal Jabar Yawar said on Thursday (February 27) that a 30-bed hospital will be built in Sulaimani over the next fifteen days specifically to care for patients who contract the coronavirus, although no local cases have been reported so far.

“The hospital will be built with the help of many businessmen and companies and all the equipment to deal with the coronavirus will be provided for the hospital,” Yawar said.

According to the director, the hospital will have two main halls, one for the patients who doctors suspect have been infected and are under observation and another for confirmed cases.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has not allocated a specific budget for the hospital, but authorities have said generally that every governorate will be given funding to fight the virus, Yawar said.

So far, no coronavirus cases have been recorded in the Kurdistan Region, but six cases have been confirmed in Iraq. All of those are people who have recently returned from Iran, where the death toll reached twenty-two on Tuesday.

(NRT Digital Media)