Lebanon urgently needs new government to avoid collapse: Hariri

Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri speaks after meeting with President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace in Baabda, Lebanon November 7, 2019. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

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SULAIMANI – Lebanon needs to quickly form a new government to stop a cycle of collapse and worsening economic and security conditions, caretaker prime minister Saad al-Hariri tweeted on Monday.

Politicians have failed to agree on a government or an economic rescue plan since protests pushed Saad al-Hariri to quit as prime minister in October.

Beirut has been rocked in recent days by some of the worst violence since the unrest began, with 370 injured in clashes between protesters and security forces on Saturday.

“Our government resigned in order to transition to a new government dealing with popular changes but obstruction has continued for 90 days and the country is moving toward the unknown,” Hariri said in a tweet.

Last month little-known former minister Hassan Diab was designated prime minister with the backing of Islamist movement Hezbollah and its allies, but a deal on a cabinet has yet to be announced.

“The continuation of the caretaker government is not the solution so let’s stop wasting time and have the government bear the responsibility,” Hariri said.

(NRT Digital Media/ Reuters)