Company attempts medicine fraud in Erbil: KIG lawmaker

Sold to cancer patients
The fake medicine that was sold off as cancer treatment medicine (Photo Credit:Soran Omar Saeed/Facebook)

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SUALIMANI — Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) lawmaker in the Kurdistan Parliament Soran Omar on Tuesday (December 10) posted a video to his social media account alleging that a company in Erbil had tried to pass off cheap medication as a more expensive cancer drug.

According to the lawmaker, the company had crushed up medication used to treat diarrhea, which typically sells for around $2, and repacked it in bottles with an US flag printed on the label. They then attempted to sell it to cancer patients for $1,000.

 “Cancer patients have queued for this medicine and are looking for it in Erbil. It was being sold secretly in a warehouse and was seized by quality control teams and the Asayish,” Omar said.

“The contact information of the person who sold this is known to hospitals around Erbil and they referred some patients that were looking for the medicine to that person,” he added.

Most medicine in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region is imported, which creates opportunities for smuggling and fraud.

(NRT Digital Media)